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High Court of Bombay
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Knight, LL.D., M.A.(Cantab.), Bar-at-Law1926-1930
Sir Amberson Marten succeeded Sir Macleod as the Chief Justice in 1926. His Lordship had, besides his practice in the Law Courts in England, a very thorough training in law. His Lordship came to Bombay in 1916 to fill the vacancy created by the death of Sir Dinshaw Davar. His Lordship was Puisne Judge from 1916 to 1926. His Lordship was marvelously quick in seizing a law point (very often anticipating counsel) and getting at the gist of a judgment, even in a very long and intricate report. His Lordship's knowledge of English law, both principles and case law, was astonishing and was unquestionably a very good lawyer, he never shirked a law point. His Lordship judgments are models of extremely careful and detailed consideration of the facts and law involved. But he was impatient, short-tempered and over-particular, which in later years detracted from his popularity. After he became Chief Justice, Marten unfortunately neglected his judicial work, and plunged into administrative work. On occasion, he kept away from the Bench for weeks together, doing administrative work for which he had no special aptitude, and neglecting his judicial work for which he was eminently competent and qualified. It was a tragedy. This caused a very unfavourable impression on the Bar and on the public; and sadly affected his previous very fine record. His Lordship was the Chief Justice from 1926- 1930.


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