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361. Mr. D. K. DESHMUKH
362. Mr. D. G. Karnik
363. Mr. P. B. MAJMUDAR
364. Mr. G.S. GODBOLE
365. Mr. A. V. POTDAR
366. Mr. S. A. BOBDE
367. Mr. D. D. SINHA
368. Mr. M. N. GILANI
369. Mr. U. D. SALVI
371. Mr. S. P. DAVARE
372. Mr. J. P. DEVADHAR
373. Mr. S. B. DESHMUKH
374. Mr. A. P. LAVANDE
375. Mr. R. C. CHAVAN
377. Mr. A. H. JOSHI
378. Mr. R. Y. GANOO
379. Mr. K. U. CHANDIWAL
380. Mr. S. J. VAZIFDAR

Born on 30 July 1957 at Pune, Maharashtra.Graduated in Bachelor of Commerce from Mulund College of Commerce, Mumbai University. Graduated in Bachelor of Laws from K.C. Law College, Mumbai University. Enrolled as Advocate on 10th February 1982. Handled Civil, Criminal and Constitutional matters before the Subordinate Courts, Tribunals and High Court of Judicature at Bombay on the Appellate Side as well as the Original Side. Practised exclusively in the Supreme Court of India from July, 1984. Appointed as Standing Counsel for the State of Maharashtra for Supreme Court matters in October 1985. Worked as Additional Government Advocate for the State of Maharashtra till December 1989. Appointed as Panel Counsel for Union of India in January 1990. Had opportunity to represent Union of India in several matters of national importance. Even in private practice, had occasion to handle matters of great significance before the Supreme Court to represent persons in high public offices as also various statutory Authorities, Corporations and institutions. In August 1994 appointed as Amicus Curiae by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India to assist on environmental issues in the case of M.C. Mehta - Pollution Control in respect of West Bengal Industries, and Tanneries. Standing Counsel for the Election Commission of India for Supreme Court matters since March 1995 till elevated. Appointed as Member of the Task force (headed by the former Chief Justice of India Mr Justice E. S. Venkataramaiah ) constituted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in November 1995 for examining and reporting on the amendments needed in the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. Had a wide range of exposure in Criminal, Civil, Constitutional, Election and Co-operative matters. Was Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association and Joint Secretary and Executive Member of the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association. Appointed as Additional Judge of the Bombay High Court on March 29, 2000 and confirmed as permanent Judge on April 8, 2002.

Elevated as Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court on April 04, 2013.