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MR. K.T. Telang

M.A., LL.B.,C.I.E.1889-1893
Mr. Justice Kashinath Trimbak Telang, M.A. LL.B. : Was unquestionably the most versatile and brilliant of the Judges of the Bombay High Court. His whole career was remarked by exceptional precocity. Born in 1850, he died in 1892. Within this short span of a little over 40 years, his life was packed with varied and brilliant achievements in diverse fields. He practiced as an advocate on the Original Side of the High Court. Mr. Inverarity who cam in close contact with him, regarded him as head and shoulders above all his Indian contemporaries at the Bar, both as lawyer and as a public speaker. His courtesy, modesty, candour and good humour, his fluent and graceful English attracted his European colleagues. At the Bar, he was distinguished for his knowledge of Hindu Law, where his Sanskrit learning gave him a special advantage. It is noteworthy that both at the Bar, and later in his judgments from the Bench, he brought his knowledge of Sanskrit and his legal learning to bear upon the liberalisation and modernisation of Hindu law to make it elastic and progressive. On the death of Mr. Justice Nanabhai Haridas in 1889, Mr. Telang was appointed Judge of the High Court at the remarkable age of 38. Mr. Telang was also an educationist and a staunch champion of English and liberal education. He was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor at the age of 36 and was the first and youngest Indian Vice-Chancellor of Bombay University. His untimely death caused universal regret.
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