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201. MR. A.A. Ginwala
202. MR. R.A. Jahagirdar
203. MR. S.C. Pratap
204. MR. M.P. Kanade
205. MR. S.P. Bharucha
206. MR. R.D. Tulpule
207. MR. V.V. Joshi
208. MRS.S.V. Manohar
209. MR. M.L. Pendse
210. MR. S.P. Kurdukar
211. MR. D.N. Mehta
212. MR. V.S. Kotwal
213. MR. M.S. Jamdar
214. MR. M.R. Waikar
215. MR. S.G. Manohar
216. MR. D.B. Deshpande
217. MR. R.S. Padhye
218. MR. V.A. Mohta
219. MR. B.J. Rele
220. MR. N.K. Parekh
MR. A.A. Ginwala

B.Sc., LL.B.1976-1984
Justice Abbasali Asgarali Ginwala, B.Sc., LL.B. : Born on 3rd October, 1922. Educated at Pratap High School, Amalner, Ismail Yusuf College, Bombay, M.T.B. College, Surat, and Law College, Poona. Enrolled Pleader in August 1949. Appeared in all type of Civil and Criminal matters at Jalgaon. Assistant Government Pleader and Assistant Public Prosecutor District Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor at Jalgaon. Appointed Assistant Judge on 11-11-1963. Assistant Judge and Additional Sessions Judge at Amravati from 11-11-1963 to 28-10-1966. Officiated District and Sessions Judge for nearly three months during this period. Promoted District and Sessions Judge on 4-11-1966. Deputy Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra in the Law and Judiciary Department from 4-11-1966 to 14-8-1970. District and Sessions Judge, Wardha from 25-8-1970 to 17-3-1972. District and Sessions Judge Aurangabad, and also as Inspecting Judge from 25-3-1972 to 1-12-1973. Joint Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra, Law and Judiciary Department from 3-12-1973 to 1-6-1974, in charge of legal advice to Government . Additional Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra, Law and Judiciary Department, from 2-6-1974 to 19-10-1974. Was in charge of legal advice and administration. Remembrances Legal Affiars and Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra, Law and Judiciary Department since 20-10-1974. In charge of all legal matters ( pertaining to Government including advice, litigation and drafting included in Cadre of District Judges.). Appointed Additional Judge of the High Court at Bomaby with effect from 24th August, 1976. Appointed Permanent Judge on 20-10-1977 (A.N.). Retired on 3-10-1984.