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Frequently asked questions regarding Case Management Information System

What is CMIS?

What are the improvements/benefits of CMIS over the earlier system?

What is the procedure/formalities to be followed at the time of filing?

What is Advocate's Registration?

What are Court assigned and computer generated dates?

Whether the case will be listed as per the dates assigned?

What is the status of mentioning/circulation in the face of new system?

How is this possible?

What is the procedure followed in case of extreme urgency?

What is the modalities followed for listing of civil applications in pre-admission and admiited matters?

What is the modalities followed for listing of final hearing matters?



It is the case management information system. It is an improved version of the earlier Case Information System (CIS).

Improvements/Benefits of CMIS


CMIS is a comprehensive system dealing with the cases/matters, from the stage of scrutiny/filing to disposal to issuance of after disposal writs.

More importantly it introduces :-

    (i) Auto generation and assignment of dates to pre-admission matters and civil/criminal applications in admitted/final hearing matters. Thereby
         introducing certainty and transparency and reducing human intervention.

    (ii) Listing of the matters on the basis of pre-assigned quotas, commensurate with the pendency of the pre-admission matters in the particular  
          category of cases.

    (iii) Automatic generation of notices/writs.

    (iv) Sending of e-mails/alerts about status/dates assigned to Advocates/Parties-in-person (who register themselves for this facility).

    (v) Classffication on the basis of subject categories facilitating clubbing and grouping of the matters involving similar/identical issues thereby
          facilitating their earlier disposal.

    (vi) There are several other innovative features aimed at introducing certainty, transparency and justifiability in the matter of listing of cases.



CMIS has introduced a revised listing proforma incorporating full party details, as well as lower Court details, including the subject category under which the matter/case falls.

It is advisable to fill up the form in details, including the non- mandatory fields, so as to get full benefits of the new system.

Advocate's Registration

Under CMIS an Advocate, Solicitor�s Firm can register themselves for getting information about the current status/date of the matter. The concerned Advocate/Firm opting for such registration, will be assigned an unique code, which has to be mentioned in the listing proforma, so as to avail this facility, for details .... on to


Court assigned and computer generated dates

The court assigned dates are the dates, which are fixed by the Hon'ble Court hearing the particular matter. Such dates takesprecedence and override any other dates assigned to the matter.

In the absence of a Court given date, the computer generates a date for the matter, on the basis of pre-assigned quotas.

Case will be listed as per the dates assigned

Although, the matters will be strictly listed as per the court assigned dates, the computer generated dates are provisional and subject to specffic direction by the Hon'ble Court.

Status of mentioning/circulation

CMIS specifically endeavours to eliminate/reduce the necessity of circulation and mentioning.

How is this possible

The case/matter is assigned a date, on registration Ordinarily, 7th day at the earliest and latest one month from the date of registration. Thus, obviating the necessity of mentioning/circulation.


Procedure followed in case of extreme urgency

In such case, the matter can be mentioned and the computer given date can be preponed as per the directions of the Hon'ble Court

Pre-admission and admitted matters

All the pending civil applications in the pre-admission matters are peremptorily listed alongwith the main matter on the assigned date.

Civil applications in admitted/final hearing matters are assigned dates and are listed accordingly.

Listing of final hearing matters

In respect of final hearing matters, the existing system of listing of the ready matters chronologically, continues to be followed, subject to the Bombay High Court, Appellate Side Rules, 1960.

As per the said rules, the registry publishes warned list of all the ready, final hearing matters on the opening of the Courts after Summer Vacation. The matters formed out of the warned list chronologically by preparing weekly boards, subject to specific directions by the concerned Court.