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on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 06:14:58 PM
Court Room No.Current Sr.No.Kept Back CasesCourt Room No.Current Sr.No.Kept Back Cases
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C.R.No.20:- board from 1006 onwards discharged for the day C.R.No.16B:- Ms Jane Cox and Mr Sujit Salkar pl meet associate in CR 16 B urgntly C.R.No.43:- Except matter at srl No 913 rest of the board is discharged C.R.No.19:- Adv Kuldeep U Nikam pl to attend the ct rm no 19 immediately C.R.No.21:- REST OF THE BOARD IS DISCHARGE FROM SR NO 16 TO 23 FOR THE DAY C.R.No.52:- Adv H C Pimple urgently required in C R No 52 C.R.No.28:- Adv Sachin Dube require in c no 28 urgently C.R.No.31:- Adv Rajaram Deshmukh pl to come Ct no 31 urgently
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