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Hon'ble Former Justices
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41. MR. Budruddin Tyabji
42. MR. E. Hosking
43. MR. L.P. Russell
44. MR. W.H. Crowe
45. MR. H. Batty
46. MR. G.C. Whitworth
47. MR. N.G. Chandavarkar
48. MR. V.J. Kirtikar
49. MR. H.F. Aston
50. MR. G. Jacob
51. SIR S.L. Batchelor
52. SIR Basil Scott
53. SIR D.D. Davar
54. SIR F.C.O. Beaman
55. SIR J.J. Heaton
56. MR. M.P. Khareghat
57. MR. R. Knight
58. SIR N.C. Macleod
59. SIR Mahadev Bhaskar Chaubal
60. MR. L.J. Robertson
MR. Budruddin Tyabji

Mr. Justice Badruddin Tyabji, Bar-at-Law : Was the first Indian barrister Judge of Bombay High Court and sat almost exclusively on the Original Side. He was the first Indian Barrister to practice on the Original Side, which before him was exclusively in the hands of English barristers. He made his mark as a very able and forceful advocate. He raised to the Bench in 1895 and proved to be strong, hard-headed and independent Judge. The most notable case, which he decided was that known as Kessowji Issur v, G.I.P. Railway Co., in which he delivered a very sound and most careful judgment. He had the distinction of being the first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress. He suddenly died in England in 1906.