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Hon'ble Former Justices
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1. SIR Joseph Arnould
2. SIR Richard Couch
3. MR. Henry Herbert
4. MR. Claudius James Erskine
5. MR. Alexander Kinlouch Forbes
6. MR. Henry Newton
7. MR. Augustus Brooke Warden
8. MR. Henry Pendock St. George Tucker
9. SIR Michael Roberts Westropp
10. MR. J.S. Hore
11. MR. Thomas Chisholm Anstey
12. MR. Janardhan Wassodewji
13. MR. James Gibbs
14. SIR Charles Sargent
15. MR. Francis Lloyed
16. SIR Lyttelton Holyoake Bayley
17. SIR Maxwell Melvill
18. MR. Charles Gordon Kemball
19. SIR Raymond West
20. MR. J.P. Green
SIR Joseph Arnould

Knight, Bar-at-Law.1862-1869
Sir Joseph Arnould's name tops the list of High Court Judges, he was among the last Judges of the Supreme Court, at the time the High Court was established, with the result that he was automatically appointed to the High Court. He was impressive and dignified. He is best remembered as the Judge who presided at the trial of the famous "Maharaj Libel Case", which created a very great sensation in the Hindu Community at the time. His courageous and enlightened judgement, laying down the illuminating principle that "what is morally wrong cannot be spiritually sound" is famous. He was also the original author of one of the best known legal classics "Arnould on Marine Insurance". He was born in 1815 and died at Naples in 1888.