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SIR Richard Couch

Sir Richard Couch succeeded Sir Sausse in 1866 . Both Sausse and Couch held the office of the Chief Justice for comparatively short periods. Couch was transferred from Bombay to Calcutta as Chief Justice in 1870. He was also appointed President of the Commission which tried Malharrao Gaikwad in 1875. After his retirement from India, Couch was appointed a Member of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
Hon'ble Former Justices
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1. SIR Joseph Arnould
2. SIR Richard Couch
3. MR. Henry Herbert
4. MR. Claudius James Erskine
5. MR. Alexander Kinlouch Forbes
6. MR. Henry Newton
7. MR. Augustus Brooke Warden
8. MR. Henry Pendock St. George Tucker
9. SIR Michael Roberts Westropp
10. MR. J.S. Hore