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High Court of Bombay
Hon'ble Justices
  Name DOB Appt. Date
2A. A. SAYED21-01-196111-04-2007
3S. S. SHINDE02-08-196011-03-2008
4K. K. TATED19-09-195918-07-2008
5P. B. VARALE23-06-196218-07-2008
6S. J. KATHAWALLA24-03-196018-07-2008
7S.V. GANGAPURWALA24-05-196213-03-2010
8UJJAL BHUYAN02-08-196417-10-2011
9R.D. DHANUKA31-05-196123-01-2012
10S.P. DESHMUKH28-09-195923-01-2012
11NITIN JAMDAR10-01-196423-01-2012
12Smt. SADHANA S. JADHAV14-06-196023-01-2012
13S.B. SHUKRE25-10-196113-05-2013
14S.C. GUPTE30-06-195921-06-2013
15K.R. SHRIRAM28-09-196321-06-2013
16G.S. PATEL26-04-196221-06-2013
17A.S. CHANDURKAR07-04-196521-06-2013
18Smt. REVATI MOHITE DERE17-04-196521-06-2013
19M.S. SONAK28-11-196421-06-2013
20R.V. GHUGE09-07-196621-06-2013
21D. S. NAIDU19-06-196221-09-2013
22V.M. DESHPANDE19-05-196006-01-2014
23A.S. GADKARI14-06-196506-01-2014
24NITIN W. SAMBRE19-12-196706-01-2014
25G.S. KULKARNI24-06-196806-01-2014
26B.P. COLABAWALLA16-12-196706-01-2014
27A.K. MENON12-07-196003-03-2014
28C.V. BHADANG05-11-196003-03-2014
29V.K. JADHAV17-05-196003-03-2014
30Smt. ANUJA PRABHUDESSAI08-02-196203-03-2014
31P. D. NAIK30-04-196217-03-2016
32M. S. KARNIK10-02-196917-03-2016
33Mrs. SWAPNA JOSHI26-08-195928-03-2016
34S. K. SHINDE05-06-2017
35R. B. DEO05-06-2017
36Smt. BHARATI DANGRE10-05-196805-06-2017
37S. V. KOTWAL13-04-196805-06-2017
38R. I. CHAGLA22-10-196905-06-2017
39MANISH PITALE11-09-197005-06-2017
40MANGESH S. PATIL27-07-196305-06-2017
41PRITHVIRAJ K. CHAVAN22-02-196305-06-2017
42Smt. V. V. KANKANWADI24-06-196405-06-2017
43S. M. MODAK13-11-196511-10-2018
44N. J. JAMADAR22-09-197211-10-2018
45V. G. JOSHI14-11-196211-10-2018
46R. G. AVACHAT15-03-196411-10-2018
47Smt. P. V. GANEDIWALA11-03-196913-02-2019
48A. G. GHAROTE23-08-2019
49N. B. SURYAWANSHI30-05-196623-08-2019
50A. S. KILOR03-09-196623-08-2019
51M. N. JADHAV14-08-196923-08-2019
52M. G. SEWLIKAR21-09-196005-12-2019
53V. G. BISHT19-07-196005-12-2019
54B. U. DEBADWAR17-06-195905-12-2019
55Smt. M. S. JAWALKAR26-05-196405-12-2019
56S. P. TAVADE05-12-2019
57N. R. BORKAR05-12-2019
58MADHAV. J. JAMDAR13-01-196707-01-2020
59AMIT B. BORKAR02-01-197214-01-2020
60S. D. KULKARNI02-11-196014-01-2020
61ABHAY AHUJA24-08-196904-03-2020


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