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The Bombay High Court is the proprietary of all materials that are part of this website including images, illustration, photographs and other materials.

Prior permission of the Bombay High Court needs to be sought if anyone wish to copy, reproduce, republish post, transmit or distribute the material in anyway for any other purposes.

The Materials are made available for non-commercial, educational, and personal use only.

Users must, however, cite the author and source of the Materials as they would cite from any printed work, and the citations should include the Bombay High Court Museum URL.

By downloading, printing, or otherwise using Materials, whether accessed directly from the Websites or via other sites or mechanisms, users agree that they will limit their use of such files to non-commercial, educational, personal use, and will not violate the Bombay High Court's proprietary rights.

Downloading, printing, copying, distributing or otherwise using materials for commercial purposes, including commercial publication or personal gain, is expressly prohibited.

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