Bombay High Court Judges' Library


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Aurangabad had occupied a pre-eminent place in the Revenue and Judicial Administration both when it was a part of Hyderabad State and after it became a part of the bilingual State of Bombay and later a part of the unilingual State of Maharashtra.

The High Court of Bombay was empowered to exercise jurisdiction in respect of transferred matters, from Hyderabad High Court.  As a result of transfer of proceedings to the Bombay High Court, all Marathi speaking advocates having Marathwada work in the Hyderabad High Court had to come to the Island of Bombay with limited facilities.  The delay in disposal of large arrears of cases from that are added to this demand.  Increase in irreducible cost of living, railway fare, hotel charges, problem of accommodation in Bombay, exhorbitant fees of legal profession, bad economic condition of illiterate tradition-bound Marathwada people, created impassable gulf between justice and litigants.  A demand for a separate Bench of High Court for Marathwada region located at Aurangabad led to the establishment of a permanent Bench of the High Court of Bombay in Aurangabad by a Presidential Notification on 27 August 1984 to deal with matters related to Marathwada Region.  The present court building with modern architecture was built in June 1995.

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